17 Xmas Door Decor Ideas

If you expect Santa to stop at your house, you’ve got to put in some effort!

1. Hang a garland asymmetrically for a laid-back feel.



2. Vary the height of your decorative elements to create visual interest.



3. Try a cheerful door swag instead of a traditional wreath.



4. Repurpose a pair of ice skates into a door decoration you can display all winter.



5. Lean a vintage sled against the wall for a dose of nostalgia.



6. Keep it simple by framing the entryway with two potted cedars.



7. Prove to everyone what a maximalist you truly are by opting for three wreaths instead of one.



8. Turn a basic throw pillow into a “holiday gift” by tying it with a ribbon.



9. Throw down a doormat (or two) that puts you in the Christmas spirit.



10. Customize store-bought urns using decorations you have around the house, like artificial apples or pinecones.



11. Give your front porch a collected feel by arranging greenery in different types of vessels.



12. Ace the holiday boho aesthetic using a colorful pompom wreath.



13. Or go the minimalist route by corralling birch logs in a galvanized metal bucket.



14. Accessorize a ho-ho-ho-hum wreath with hanging bells.



15. Make an impact with a faux stag head that doubles as a wreath hanger.



16. Or suspend your wreath from a pretty piece of ribbon.



17. And finally, don’t forget to add some sparkle with LED string lights.



Thanks for reading! Which one is your favorite?! If you have any ideas for future blog articles, let us know by emailing remaxtc@shaw.ca :)

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