5 Fantastic Day Trips in the Beautiful Interlake!

1. Narcisse Snake Dens, Naricisse MB

The home of thousands & thousands of Red-sided garter snakes. They move forth from their winter hiberation at the Narcisse Snake Dens from late April thru to Mid June (dependant on spring warming). The largest population of these Red-sided garter snakes in the world reside in the dens in the Heart of my home-the Interlake just north of the small hamlet of Narcisse on Hwy #17. Take Hwy #7 north from Winnipeg to Teulon, turn west on Hwy #17 and continue northwest thru Inwood to Narcisse.

 2. Steep Rock Cliffs, Steep Rock MB  

Along the western edge of the Interlake on the shoreline of Lake Manitoba, and just to the west of Hwy #6, you find Steep Rock Cliffs. This outcropping of limestone cliffs will leave you awestruck at the natural wonder of this hidden gem. With the water lapping at the shoreline, washing the limestone over centuries into smooth pebbles on the beach, and forming caves into the base of the cliffs, you will feel the power of Mother natures force.

Large slabs of limestone rock form wonderful resting places to sit & gaze over the wonder of Lake Manitoba and watch the golden hues of gorgeous sunsets over the water. Rest on one of these spots along the shore to watch and listen to the birds as they dip and dive from sky to water in chase of a meal.

The climb to the cliffs, the awesome wonder of nature's forces, is worth the effort made by you the visitor. By boat you will truly see the size and beauty of these cliffs, the pale shale colours of limestone, the caves washed by the waters for you to explore. 


3. Sea Wall at Gimli, Gmili MB

Celebrating 40 years + the Gimli Art Club has celebrated by refurbishing and adding to the Sea Wall at the Gimli Harbour, as well as writing a book on the paintings and their meanings. Depicting scenes of life and history of the Interlake area, these paintings gives new meaning to a concrete wall built to hold back the forces of nature. Protecting the beach front from the mighty waves of Lake Winnipeg, the sea wall provides a place for a stroll, a place to sun yourself, to fish from or to sit and enjoy the beauty of the area. 

Watch the artists restore or replace paintings on the wall each summer. They love to talk about their techniques, the stories behind the paintings. Get to know an artist!

To view the Sea Wall on-line go to: http://www.gimliartclub.com/


4. The Narrows on Lake Manitoba MB

There is an island - Manitou Island, just north of the Narrows of Lake Manitoba that is home to the spirits of the lake- or so the legend was told. This was a spriitual site for the First Peoples of the area- as they could hear the "Great Spriit- the Great Manitou" speak to them as the waters of Lake Manitoba crash against the limestone rock of the island. When the explorers came and asked what the name of the Island & the lake was they said it was "Manitou". From there they got the name of both the province and the lake...or so the tale goes!  


5. The Murals at Eriksdale, Eriksdale MB

A pictorial history of the Eriksdale community thru the times from the settling of this west Interlake community with a western boundary of Lake Manitoba. Find this "art history" on the former Credit Union building on Hwy 68 in Eriksdale & on the western wall of the Eriksdale Rec Centre.



Information Sourced from Interlake Tourism.

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