5 Year’s Eve Party Decor Ideas


I just finished the green bean casserole leftovers in my fridge from Thanksgiving, but the pressure to solidify plans for New Year’s Eve is already mounting. Pinterest is laying it on extra thick with their December insights, which highlight the top trending New Year’s Eve party decor ideas. Whether you plan to ring in the 2020s with a roaring house party or on the couch with your best friend, getting into the spirit with some festive decor is always welcome. Here are five ways to add sparkle to your 2020 New Year’s soirée. 


1. Channel Studio 54 vibes

Disco themed parties are all the rage this year (we have Big Little Lies to thank for that). Invite your guests to revel under a disco ball, don fake mustaches, and groove to hits by Diana Ross and the Bee Gees. Focus on mood lighting, a sparkly photo backdrop and an opulent table centerpiece.

2. Choose a black and gold color palette

That month-long week between Christmas and New Years is intended to be spent on the couch binge watching Netflix, not boxing up your collection of Santa figurines. But if you’re hosting a NYE bash, considering paring down some of your holiday decor. Stick to a black and gold color palette — you can reuse some of your metallic holiday accents, like ornaments or paper stars, and pepper in black decor elements for contrast.


3. DIY a gilded photo booth

Julia Child once said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.” I feel similarly about New Years Eve parties without photo booths, if there is champagne involved that’s exactly where you’ll find me. Buying or DIYing a festive photo backdrop couldn’t be easier — nowadays you can order inexpensive, iridescent foil fringe online or create your own using balloons and banners.


4. Turn your dreams into party decor

Searches for New Year’s Eve wishes are up a whopping 2,051 percent year-over-year on Pinterest! Involve your guests in the party decor by asking them to jot down their wishes for the New Year. Pin their messages to streamers or foil fringe using gold glitter clothespins, like this 12-pack from Amazon that comes in at under $7. 


5. Write down your resolutions

Wishes are for sharing, but resolutions are personal. If you’re putting together goodie bags for your guests, why not include a free printable for them to keep track of their goals? The design featured above, which is available to download on House Mix, is divided into eight different categories. New year, new you, right?

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