6 Tips Homeowners Overlook with Spring Cleaning

We've done some research of the years and have discovered 6 things that homeowners tend to overlook when it comes to Spring Cleaning!

#1 – INSPECT & CLEAN THE VACUUM – A clogged and dirty vacuum can undo all of your cleaning the minute you switch it on. Blame it on that stinky odor that only vacuums seem to emit.

Best to clean it first:

  • Change the bag and wipe down the bag’s holder or empty and thoroughly wash the bagless container with a soapy damp rag.

  • Wipe down the entire vacuum.

  • Pull debris from the vacuum’s brushes and wipe out the underside as much as you can.

  • Change the filter.

  • Inspect the hose for holes.

This goes for your wet/dry vacuum, and handheld one, too, if you have them.

#2 – CLEAN THE UNDERSIDES - The bottoms and underside edges of dining tables, kitchen countertops, and high-chair trays can get pretty sticky. While you’re at it, if your table has leaves, wipe down those alarmingly gross crevices, too. Don’t even question what that mystery gunk is: Just clean it and forget it!

#3 – DISPOSE OF OLD/DRIED-UP PAINTS & CHEMICALS – If you live in Winnipeg call 311 or if you live rurally, contact your RM Office and ask if they have a spring toxic waste disposal event or a drop-off depot .That way, you can responsibly get rid of all those dried-out cans of adhesives, varnishes, paints, and finishes clogging up your storage space and your DIY workspace.

#4 – GET RID OF OLD PANTRY ITEMS - Basics like flour, vinegar, and sauces that are past their expiration date lose flavor, and anything containing oil, like nuts, can go rancid. To bring a bigger bang to your recipes, also replace any dried spices that have been open longer than a year. Going forward, you can buy smaller portions where bulk spices are sold, so you always have a fresh supply.

#5 – CLEAN THOSE CREVICES - Even if you wipe your appliances daily, gunk and crumbs can hide in nooks and crannies — like behind the knobs and under the grill on the range, and cracks around your dishwasher buttons. You shouldn’t need more than some baking soda and soapy water — along with an old toothbrush to reach into crevices — to banish that eww factor.

#6 – GIVE HOUSEPLANTS A SHOWER (and clean the spots where they reside) - Take all your plants outside for a nice cleansing shower on a drizzly day. Then inside, tackle the spots where they live: the floor, shelf, countertop. Clean the walls and baseboards, too. And check for water damage. A cracked pot or chronic overwatering can allow moisture and dirt to leach out.

Pretty simple huh?! Those are just 6 simple tips to help you on your next Spring Clean!


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