Dealing With Back-to-School Jitters - Part 2 of a 5 Part Series

If your child is dreading their return to the classroom, try these solutions!

Going from long, lazy summer days back to the rigors of a classroom can be a bumpy road for your child. It is normal for them to experience a range of emotions about returning to school. Though each child responds to going back to school differently, you can take steps to address jitters and make the transition time smoother.

ACADEMIC CHALLENGES: A new grade brings new challenges. Perhaps your child will be expected to do homework or write a research paper for the first time. With fears of not measuring up academically, the best defense is a good offense. Getting organized and establishing reassuring routines can go a long way to making a child feel competent. Rumors of a particularly hard teacher may fuel fearing or disliking a new teacher. Do help your child keep in mind that one person's dreaded teacher can be another kid's favourite. While it is okay for your child to express their dislike of a teacher, they should be expected to remain respectful. You can encourage them to be open-minded and approach this an an opportunity to help them learn how to deal with a person they find difficult. Listen to their issues and plan to attend parent-teacher night to get your own take on the situation.

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