iDoorcam Wifi Door Bell

Home automation is making it even easier for you to answer your door without ever leaving your couch. iDoorcam is the latest in the next generation doorbell and what I think is my personal favorite of all the smart doorbell models that offers more than a dozen features than a traditional doorbell including:

  • Live video: you can see and hear your visitor with the built in video camera, but they can only hear and talk back to you with the built in speaker and microphone.
  • Adjustable Camera: You will be able to rotate and position the camera in the direction most suitable for your door. The camera enclosure is a ball and can be rotated into any position to cover a 70 degree area from 5 to 175 degrees. The camera can only face toward the front of the device. The camera resolution is 640×480.
  • Wifi enabled: receive doorbell notifications via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and LTE.
  • LED button: bright enough to find in the dark like a traditional doorbell
  •  Mobile Compatability: iPhone/iPad App only at this time (all other devices coming in 2014)
  • Minimalistic: discrete yet functional at 7 cm tall and 1.9 cm thick
  • Snap and record video: take screen caps and record video to your iphone camera roll.
  • No batteries: no hassle with changing batteries since it gets direct power using your existing wires
  • Weather resistant: rugged against the elements and prevents rust, too.
  • On Demand: Should someone knock at your door? The video camera feed can be opened on demand and is designed to detect a user before they press the button.
  • Night Vision: infrared camera can see your visitors at night including those pesky ding dong ditchers.
  • Doorbell chime: the chime from your existing doorbell will remain with no change! iDoorCam simply adds the convenience of receiving an alert and answering the door from your mobile devices.
  • Do Not Disturb: This mode will allow you to turn off your traditional doorbell’s chime. This is perfect for those times you wish you could silence your doorbell should family be sleeping for example. You’ll decide if you want app alerts, home chime, both or neither.
  • Motion sensor and auto scaling: motion sensor technology is fast and automatically scales up/down depending on your connection speeds.
  • Multiple users: send notifications to multiple users.
  • SSL: Only you will have access to your feed.
  • Easy Installation: simply replace your existing doorbell with iDoorCam by mounting the device with 4 screws and attaching it to your existing doorbell’s power wires. Also, after it’s installed, iDoorCam will not work if it’s removed or stolen. The device itself cannot be re-installed since each device arrives with a unique identifier preventing it from being added to another account.
  • No Monthly Fee: All the notifications and live video feeds won’t cost anything extra.

You’ll be able to see, hear and speak to your visitor at your door from anywhere you have wi-fi or cellular signal using a free app for your Apple iPhone/iPad. As soon as a visitor rings your door bell, you will receive a push notification to all your devices. This is great security option for people on vacation or not able to answer the door.

iDoorcam is available for pre-order $165 and it’s expected to begin shipping in October 2013, but if you act immediately you can get one of their early adopter reward prices at a sweet discount between $99-$137 before they run out. When my iDoorcam arrives, I plan to have a full review. Stay tuned!



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