Gunton man named one of Top 10 handyman in Canada

by Jennifer mcfee 

Ron Melnychuk continues to avoid elimination in Canada’s Handyman Challenge

A local man has earned the prestigious designation of being one of the Top 10 handymen in Canada.

Ron Melnychuk of Gunton successfully avoided elimination during the Top 12 episode of Canada’s Handyman Challenge that aired last week.

For the first challenge of the day, the remaining handymen were divided into two teams of six people. Together they had to create a six-panel mural to represent the program within a two- hour time limit.

“More than anything on that bill- board was the painting. If you own a home, you have no choice but to know how to paint. But if you’re painting at home, you have your own tools. You have all your special brushes for cutting in tight places. Instead, we got some basic brushes out of the discount store bin, which is fine, though, because we all got the same tools. It’s not like one team got the deluxe brushes and the other team got the bargain store ones,”Melnychuk says.

“It made things interesting, and the time limit really got pushed on the billboards. It was great. We worked away at it. It was really good team- work. Everyone was calm and collected.”

The judges decided that Melnychuk’s team had the best mural, so one of the members of the opposing team was sent home.

Then the remaining 11 handymen were given two hours to complete a soldering challenge in the pouring rain.

“I’ve done a little bit of soldering, a few joints but not a lot. To do that many consecutive solder joints in a job, crammed into the two hours that they gave us, it was interesting,” Mel- nychuk said.

“I soldered probably more that day in the rain than I’ve soldered in my entire life. We were soaking wet. Most of us were standing in water puddles, but it wasn’t a big deal. You’re wet anyway.Your hands are wet.Your back is wet.You’re just wet.”

Again, the Gunton man avoided elimination and will progress to compete in the Top 10 challenges. The fi- nal winner of the season will receive $25,000.

“When we actually sat down that night after the elimination to do our end-of-day interviews, that’s when it really set in: Top 10, I’m here. It was quite the moment for all of us,” he said.

“When we all got back to the hotel, all of us got together and we went for a beer. It was the same feeling for all of us to realize that we’ve made it this far. The four days previous to it were long, grueling days, and we realized at that point that it’s a mara- thon that we were running.”

The show airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. central time on HGTV.

Episodes are also posted online at challenge. On the same website, viewers have a chance to vote for their favourite handyman daily until March 25.



Information Source- Stonewall Tribune

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