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Community Centre – Outdoor Rink

A  bit late this year due to the unseasonably warm weather in December, but the outdoor rink at the Stony Mountain Community Centre is now open!

Lights will be on until 10pm daily and the warmup shack will be open whenever a rink attendant is on duty at the indoor arena (will vary somewhat depending on indoor ice rental times).

Huge thanks to the guys from the Stony Mountain Fire Department who volunteered their time and put a lot of work into getting this done!

Community Centre – Public Skating

Indoor public skating times are as follows: 


Public Skate – Sundays

Normally Sundays from 4:40pm to 5:40pm.

Skating only (no sticks). 

Until end of March.  No charge.


‘Stick and Puck’ - Sundays

Normally Sundays from 3:40pm to 4:40pm.

Helmets are required.

Until end of March.  No charge.


Times subject to change to do tournaments or other conflicts.  Check website to confirm.



Playing for the Queen of Hearts Fundraiser

The jackpot is accumulating so please come out, support your Community Centre and try and win some money!!


This fundraiser game is a variation of “Chase the Ace”.  The jackpot accumulates from week-to-week until it is won, and the game is then over. Each week participants buy tickets. A winning ticket is drawn and the winner then draws a card from a deck of playing cards. If the winner draws the Queen of Hearts they win the accumulated jackpot. If they draw any other card they win the consolation prize.  Funds from ticket sales are broken down as follows:  10% consolation prize, 40% accumulator prize and 50% to the Community Centre.


To be held every THURSDAY at Mountain Motor Inn.  Ticket sales 6:30 to 8:25pm.  Draw at 8:30pm.


See attached poster for more details.


Proceeds towards repairs and upgrades to the arena and social hall at the Community Centre.

Community Centre Website

Check out the Stony Mountain Community Centre’s website at

Please note that this website is just for the Community Centre building (arena and hall).  The regular Stony Mountain community website hosted by the Community Association is still in operation at:

Hall Rentals

Planning a social, wedding, anniversary, birthday party or windup?  Consider renting the hall and/or ice at the Community Centre.  Discounts for packages and local groups available. Contact Kevin at 204-344-5252 or to enquire.   

Advertising Opportunities

If your business is looking to promote themselves, consider renting a billboard in the Stony Mountain Arena.  See website for details:



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