Step 1: The Decision

Purchasing your first home is one of the biggest and best decisions you will ever make. A home is the largest and most emotional investment many people will face in their lifetime. So, when do you know if it's the right time to buy? Well, there is never a wrong time to buy the right home! There's many ways to think about it, but the key is finding the right buy and taking the time to carefully evaluate your finances. Purchasing a home is an important avenue that can provide many advantages. This great investment that can deliver several financial benefits - equity build up, value appreciation, an automatic savings plan - not to mention a new sense of pride!

Even if you start looking at all your options today. You don't have to know everything. A McKillop Team Agent is always ready to help you through every step of the process!


Step 2: The Agent

Searching for that real estate professional to help you can be a daunting process. It doesn't have to be, because all you need to know is; that above all else, good agents put their clients first! This is your future - your dream, and your agent is your advocate to help you make your dreams come true.


A great real estate agent will:


  1. Inform and educate you about the current market conditions.
  2. Analyze your wants and needs in your dream home.
  3. Co-ordinate the work of other needed professionals throughout the process.
  4. Direct you towards homes that fit both your criteria and budget.
  5. Negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible deal.
  6. Checking and double-checking paperwork and deadlines.
  7. Discuss any problems or issues that may arise, and suggest solutions to solve any of those problems.


What's next?

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