The Flawless Selling System


Are you selling your home in Stonewall and the surrounding area? Every seller deserves the very best in customer service, marketing strategies, expert advice and continued follow-up throughout the selling process. We’ve designed and implemented “The Flawless Selling System” to ensure your home sells fast and for the price you want! Combining Remax’s highly regarded real estate brand with local market knowledge and significant marketing expertise, we provide a sales and marketing solution that makes us the envy of others within the industry. With a strong history of real estate success, The McKillop Team has the experience, marketing and financial advice you need to manage your real estate portfolio.


There is a philosophy that “an over-priced home will ultimately sell for less than what its worth.” This is absolutely true. Once of the biggest mistakes made in real estate is over-pricing a seller’s home. In today’s real estate market, not only are real estate agents educated and informed on today’s market values, trends, and economic perspectives - so are the buyers! If a home is over-priced, its time on the market will be a reflection of that. Buyers will start to notice that the home is not selling, giving them the perception that something is either wrong with the home, or that they can low-ball the sellers on their asking price.


This is the single most powerful marketing tool in place today to sell homes. Most homes around het country sell through the MLS system. The power of the MLS us in its cooperation and compensation. It is an efficient tool developed, maintained and pad for by Realtors across Canada. The efficiency of this service is in the detail. The McKillop Team ensures that your home is featured and highlighted in a way that makes it appealing to the majority of buyers, both descriptively and visually. This includes using professional photography and video tours to give your home the best exposure possible. This multimedia tool on MLS was put there for us to use - and we do! Capturing your home’s best attributes visually is one of the most important tools the MLS has!


Our for sale signs are money well spent - they’re customized, elegant and distinguishable, because nobody wants a tacky real estate sign on their front lawn! The McKillop Team wants it to stand out in a positive way! Outside of the MLS, this is the best type of marketing for your property because it tells the world that you have a product for sale. Our team’s contact information is easy to see with multiple ways for buyers to contact us and hear more about your home!


Make no mistake; social networking is used for more than posting funny pictures and status updates. Social networking is a powerful tool that can showcase your home to the public and professional colleagues across the glove in the blink of an eye. Your home will be featured on The McKillop Team’s business web page, complete with an elegant description, professional photographs, video tour, and other pertinent information throughout the selling process. Our extensive list of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and LinkedIn continues to grow and the feedback we receive on the homes we list is instant and viral. People are talking about The McKillop Team on social media!


Some people think print marketing is a thing of the past. Even though digital marketing has crept up in the last few yers, there are still a large percentage of people who enjoy reading the paper both in print and online! Ever see couples walking around with their latest city newspaper on a Sunday while they look at open houses? They come into our listings all the time, so why not cater to their needs as well? As much exposure as possible is the only way!


Photographs of your home are the single most important selling feature next to physically viewing the property itself. Poor photography of your home can deter buyers from taking that extra step to booking a private viewing and ultimately lead away potential buyers. So, lets leave it to the experts! Professional photography captures your home and its greatest attributes. Full editing allows for your home to show in the best light, from the best angles, at the best time!


Pictures can say a thousand words, but video tours provide endless amounts of information and really set the tone and atmosphere of your property. Virtual tours are that little extra that ensure buyers come running to your home with a signed agreement inn hand! It answers questions before they are asked and really help give buyers a clear idea off the home’s layout!


Start the selling process off right! Staging creates excitement and interest from the beginning, and sets your home apart from competition. Properties that have been staged will have distinct marketing advantage over non-staged homes. Staging provides an objective third party to tactfully and respectfully convey to homeowners all the important issues that need to be addressed in order to prepare a property for sale. Home staging is executed in 3 steps - Consultation, Staging Preparation and Execution.

*These items are subject to contract agreement depending on the real estate package agreed upon.

For more information about the selling process, please contact The McKillop Team, Stonewall Real Estate Agents with RE/MAX Town and Country.

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