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Staging Creates Excitement and Interest from the Beginning!

Staging prepares your home to attract the widest market, while making it appealing to the greatest number of perspective buyers.

Susan's complete home staging experience is a three step process. Please view the Before & After Gallery below.

Why Stage?

In today's highly competitive housing market, home staging has become an important tool to effectively sell homes and condominiums. It focuses on improving a property and transforming it into an attractive product for sale. Even beautifully decorated homes need to be turned into merchandised product that enhances the home's best features. The goal of staging is to sell quickly for a high return, appealing to a greater number of perceptive buyers which will in turn lead to more offers or even multiple offers.

Staging Benefits

  • You only have one chance to impress potential buyers. Buyer's first impressions are formed as soon as they step inside your home. Staging highlights the full potential of your property by incorporating design techniques to create a lasting first impression.
  • You want to give homeowners a reason to buy your home. Staging prepares your home to attract the widest market, while making it appealing to the greatest number of perceptive buyers.
  • Staging created excitement and interest from the beginning, and sets your home apart from the competitive. Properties that have been staged will have a distinct marketing advantage over non-staged homes.
  • Staging your home can maximize the selling price and minimize the number of days on the market.
  • Staged home provide beautiful photos. Consumers are savvy and most of them start their search on the internet and those photos become their first impression.
  • Staging provides an objective third party to tactfully and respectfully convey to homeowners all the important issues that need to be addressed in order to prepare a property for sale.

Susan's Staging Process

Susan's goal is to secure your equity and to sell your home for top dollar. Selling a home can be a very stressful time and it is very important to Susan that she provides all her clients with excellent customer service. In order to ensure her clients receive a positive selling experience, Susan offers home staging as an added service available to all homeowners. Susan has hired a full-time stager who works exclusively for her and her clients. Susan also has her own warehouse full of furniture available to all of her clients. Her large warehouse isn't limited to just furniture. Susan has an extensive inventory of designer toss cushions, bedding, throws, table lamps, mirrors, artwork and updated accessories.

Susan's Complete Home Staging Experience is a Three Step Process

Consultation & Detailed Report

Your staging experience begins with a full assessment of your property and the evaluation of your home's market appeal. Your stager will discuss flooring, walls, ceiling, windows, furniture arrangement, focal points, and anything that needs to be pre-packed, re-arranged, repaired or replaced. Each client will receive a personalized report based on their specific needs. The report will explain what is required to be completed before the property goes on the market.

Staging Preparation

The next step is preparing your home to be showcased. Your detailed report will provide you with specific suggestions on how to quickly transform your home into that “move-in” condition buyers are looking for. This step must be completed before the actual showcasing takes place.


Showcasing is the last step and is arranged just before the photos are taken. Susan's team will stage your home, showcasing it to it's greatest potential. Showcasing involves a design plan to successfully capture the interest of buyers. There is more value to a potential buyer when they view a property that is not only attractive but appeals to them as a home that they can easily envision themselves living in. Furniture, lighting, art and accessories will be provided from Susan's staging inventory. Selections will be based on what is more needed and what is best suited for your property.

Vacant Properties

Susan understands the important of first impression and the true benefits of staging.  If the home you are selling is vacant, potential buyers will find it hard to make sense of a floor plan without furniture as a guide. Susan's staging development will design and furnish your property inspiring buyers to imagine living there. Furniture, lighting, art and accessories will be provided from Susan's staging inventory.

To receive a free home evaluation or to learn more about how you can stage your property and get top dollar contact Susan @ 204.467.8000

Before & After Gallery

This room is featureless & lifeless, poor colour choices to go with beautiful floors.

Warm, lived in feeling.  Colours accent the floor and trim the fireplace.

This room is hard to determine its proper use and size.

Beautifully decorated.  Creates a mood for entertaining, and has an inviting feel.

Extremely poor colour choice.  All you notice is the green wall and no features.

A new colour scheme makes all the features stand out and invites everyone in to enjoy.

The drapes don't enhance all the natural light in the windows and doors.

Complimentary colour choices and furnishings highlight the natural light and great use of kitchen space.

Extreme colour choice makes the room look small and lack of furniture.

Colours which enhance the wood work and compliment the furnishings.

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